Fast Commuter Barrel 66

Barrell’s 67 ft long body is made out of aluminum to make her firm and cool hastily. With her air intakes on each sides for the purpose of keeping her engine room and the engines cool, safety is emphasized as much as comfort and speed. The chrome air winglettes added, 3 on each side, accentuate the direction of air intake followed by an autonomous compression. With this feature the engine room is constantly cool. The air and exhaust outlets placed on each of the transom aid the dispose of hot air. The unique double platforms that are placed on the transom can be closed and secured while cruising and opened while floating aloof, as desired. Transom door opens and descent to make way for a flat platform to automatically slide out to make way for easy passage. The lights on port and starboard are also used as navigation lights and upon exceeding 50 knots of speed the lights turn red.