Türknotik is a design studio, mainly specialized in yacht design as well as other marine vessels.

Actually, we prefer to say “Nautical Design” to our governor work frame which covers the architectural and engineering design facilities both for all kind of marine vessels. Like this inter-disciplinary work frame, our team formed by designers and engineers with strong academic and practical backgrounds. As a strong supporter of objective science, our ethical approach is always searching for the best solution without any prejudice thinking and provide the most up-to-date service for styling, interior design, naval architecture, project management and consultancy.

We proudly announce that, Türknotik excluding the various kind of design and completed projects, having transferred its accumulated wisdom to the realm of education, has laid the groundwork for the establishment of a new branch of science.

That is our difference: The responsibility of leadership!

Through this interdisciplinary vision, our approachment is to focus on the big picture, methodically and repeatedly going through every element of the process. Every single detail has minor or major importance in the whole project. Marine vessels have design and engineering layers and we could easily feel these two layers at same time with such as the beautiful exterior design with high seakeeping performance or cozy interior design with high efficient hull design, etc.

Styling & Exterior Design

Concept design

3D modelling, rendering & video presentations

Brochure & Public Relation management for brand new nautical companies

Interior Design

Concept design

Mood-board presentation

3D Interior design and renderings

Furniture design

Detail interior design and production drawings

Naval Architecture

Main Dimension design and optimization

General Arrangement Design

Sailing Plan Calculations

Hull Design and Optimization

Power, Speed and Range Calculations

Hydrostatic and Stability Calculations

Stability Booklet and Inclining Test Service

FEM (Finite Element Methods) Calculations

Construction design and optimization

Production Drawings

Nesting Drawings

Class register drawings

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Calculations

Mehmet Aziz GÖKSEL, Asst. Prof. Dr.

Primary and Secondary School: TED Ankara Koleji, Ankara

BS: Interior Architecture, MSGSÜ, İstanbul

MSc: Yacht Design, Istituto Quasar, Roma

MA: Visual Communication Design, İBU, İstanbul

DA: Interior Architecture, MSGSÜ, İstanbul

Türkiye’s first yacht designer with a graduate degree and more than twenty design registers. He founded the design office Türknotik in 2000. Took additional courses from Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Undergraduate Program (1997 – 1998) and MSGSU Industrial Product Design PhD Program (2009 – 2010).  His master thesis “Megayacht Image”, became the first academic research upon megayachts in Turkey. Gave his doctorate (DA) thesis that defends “Nautical Design is an independent technical discipline”. Concluded his military service with the Mar. Eng. Ensign. rank in the Turkish Navy, İSTERSKOM Boat Design Branch Office. Worked as a designer in various shipyards and as an instructor in universities. Founded in 2009 “the world’s first naval and nautical design undergraduate program” in Maltepe Üniversitesi, where he served as the founder chair, until 2014. Made publications regarding interdisciplinarity and design education; gave interviews, held panels and conferences. Directed more than 100 school projects, including “military, ocean going cruising and commercial fishing vesslels”. Owns his production company “Lupa Yachts” since 2016. He’s very much interested in linguistics and communicates in different levels in several languages such as English, French, Russian, Italian and Spanish. Mehmet is dealing with semiotics, maritime history and politics vocationally.

Ahmet Çağlar

High School: Haydarpaşa High School, İstanbul

BS: Middle East Technical University, Administrative Sciences, Management Program

He worked for the affiliated companies of Koç Holding, Profilo Holding, Enka Holding and Sabancı Holding, Mintax detergent, Meric dairy products, Eti biscuits, Pars Mc.Cann Erickson Advertising company, as the sales and marketing manager, factory manager, account manager, deputy general manager and general Manager. While he was working in Kelebek Furniture Company, he has been member of the board of Wood and Forest products exporters Union for about 6 years. Afterwards he worked as a Project consultant for some specific projects to the Italian chamber of Commerce in Turkey and Trieste Chamber of Commerce. He has been shown in the top 25 Marketing Administrator in Turkey in 2001 by Capital Magazine’s, traditional evaluation of the marketing administrators of the year. As semi-professionally, he interested in photography, particular in underwater photography as well. He is part time lecturer at Naval and Nautical design Department of Maltepe Üniversitesi. His profession is; Marketing, Product planning, design management, sales and key account management.

Seval Özgel FELEK, Asst. Prof. Dr.

High School: Malatya Science High School

BS: Industrial Product Design, İTU

MSc: Interior Architecture, İKU

PhD: Interior Architecture, MSGSÜ

After working in various design offices, she worked as a research assistant in the Naval and Nautical Design Program of Maltepe Üniversitesi between 2010 – 2014. Since 2014 she’s been working as an instructor in the industrial product design program; teaching especially computer-aided design programs. She wrote a graduate thesis on “The barrier free space concept in public marine vehicles: Istanbul case study”. Seval has been taking part in yacht exterior and yacht interior design, modeling and visualization of Türknotik projects. Her areas of expertise are CAD, product design, yacht exterior and interior design.


Primary School: Nurettin Teksan

High School: Ataşehir Lisesi

BSc: Architecture, Golden Horn University

MSc: Industrial Design, Academy of Art, San Francisco

MSc: Yacht Design, IED, Torino

After he worked on several projects in Atelye 70 City Planing and Architecture as an architect, he eveloped himself on yacht design with master programs. After his graduation he worked as a freelancer  and  speciliest on motor yachts. He gave design service to Team for Design, Karataş Yacht Design, Momenta Yachts and Nauta Yachts. He worked as a designer on; Dreamline 26 M Winner World Yacht Trophies 2014, Best Yacht – Best Layout, Rem 33 m Motor Yacht – 2015. Semi – professionally, he plays drums in a music band and does dubbing. He regurarly does climbing, camping and off-roading.

Osman Ender KALENDER, MSc

BSc: İTU, Shipbuilding and Ocean Engineering Tehnology

MSc: İTU, Shipbuilding and Ocean Engineering Tehnology

PhD: İTÜ, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (Ongoing)

His passion for sea began in his childhood. Throughout his professional career, his contributions have been interior and exterior design, naval architecture calculations, advanced engineering calculations and production monitoring in various kind of yacht projects from the length of 7.00 m up to 60.00 m. In addition, he experienced the academic eco-system while he was working at Maltepe Üniversitesi, Naval and Nautical Design Program as a research assistant. He’s operating as a senior naval architect and engineer with full responsibility in all projects for Türknotik. His professions are; concept design, 3D modelling, feasibility studies, resistance calculations, seakeeping analyses, hydrostatic and stability calculations and project management in shipbuilding industry.

Various Academic Projects Directed